Watching the Super Bowl My Way

Rich is a football fan and our house was sure to have the Super Bowl playing yesterday. I couldn’t care less about football, but I know it is important to him. The Denver Broncos are not in it this year, and he is not that interested in either team but he socializes with people that are fans and feels like he should know what happens to keep in touch with people. When asked who he was cheering for he intuitively said, “The Patriots.” Of course, we like a good underdog comes out on top story, but I think it had something to do with the ridiculous press New England got a couple of years ago. We were cheering for the other team and still thought it was ludicrous that there was a “scandal” that they won. During the occasional moments we don’t have children demanding things from us Ana and I are cleaning, cooking, playing Minecraft and, per her suggestions, painting nails.



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