Identifying alters in pictures.

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How keen are your eyes?

Hoo’s there?!

Here is a collection of photos, each of us is represented.
Who do you see in each picture?

Can you spot the difference in the pictures below?

2 thoughts on “Identifying alters in pictures.”

  1. Wow! I don’t know you, but I can definitely see not just different expressions on your face, but different FACES. This is what my best friend said to me when I was trying to sort through the idea that I might have DID, and I really wanted some confirmation that it wasn’t all in my head. (Well, of course it is, but you know what I mean.) I’m so glad I joined Reddit; makes me feel less alone. You guys look like you are great parents. Man, isn’t it hard with kids? Kudos to your wife (and my husband!) for hanging in there!

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    1. It is interesting to hear you can see the different faces! I have been to many different online forums and Reddit is the best I have found. Lots of support, and it has singlets asking good questions too. Parenting is hard, but we do face special challenges; I feel we also have special ways of coping with things too so, give and take ^_^ Yes my wife is my rock and biggest support.


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