My new wardrobe

Drafted August 2, 2017 – Not posted for some reason … it’s like I’m forgetful or something.
This is a follow up to a previous post about hiding who you are.

It has been a few weeks since Bobbie got some new clothes and wearing them has been an interesting experience.

Written by Bobbie:
After many years of wearing ‘boy clothes’, I was extremely excited to get some of my own! The first (and second) acquisition was a pair of shirts from a thrift shop; they are hand made and have pictures of Mickey Mouse & friends stitched into a “Mickey” shape.
Third, is a shirt with a shiny pink heart on the chest.


They are cut lower in the front than the t-shirts we have been wearing for years, and despite wanting my own clothes, I found it difficult to dress so differently than I was used to.

My wife recently got a new skirt; it is a dark pink, some have called it red, and she gave it to me (we both wear it but it lives in “my” clothes area now). About a week later she recalled a skirt that she put away with some seldom worn clothes and it is nice and light, as well as more neutral in color.


The first time we went out I got dressed and I was fronting while we were out. There was a feeling of uneasiness, but nobody bothered to point out the fact that I was in a skirt. I felt like I noticed a few women smile at me in a friendly way which was very reassuring and comforting. The second time Rich wanted to do it but was very hesitant getting dressed and asked me to do it. I do not know what is so difficult about putting on a skirt; “It should be easier than pants”, I thought since there are not separate leg holes to get mixed up. But I did it, he left the house and we even went to a sweets shop that we like to get coffee from. No body there reacted to it, nor have they seemed to interact with us any differently than they did before.

The most reactions from little girls. One told me I was wearing a skirt, as if I was confused by that, one asked me why I was wearing a skirt (though she asked about my shoes first), and another one was very excited and vocal wanted to tell her mommy (who I’m sure was hoping I didn’t notice and that she could disappear).

I would like to say thank you to the people that treat me as if there is nothing out of the ordinary in what I do. In particular, I got a compliment from a barista, which meant a lot to me though I had trouble showing it for the surprise I was felt; also to the families of the kids that want to talk about my clothes and treat me as nothing extraordinary. It is, in fact, an extraordinary feeling to be accepted for who you are.

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