My name is Rich. I have Multiple Personality Disorder, but life is not like TV or a movie. The purpose of this site is to give an inside view of how we live with it, and help people see that one can be functional, if a bit unusual; we are not scary or dangerous.

I live a fairly mundane life with a wife and two kids. People that don’t know me probably never notice anything extraordinary about me. It can be hard managing multiples- it takes years of experience and I was lucky to be diagnosed at a young age. I also got lucky finding a therapist that clicked with me. I have very caring and supportive parents. This blog is my effort to provide support to anyone that may be struggling with a new diagnosis, or friends & family of someone with these issues. Please do not flame me for being open about this – everyone has and is entitled to their own opinions. I respect that, please respect mine.
For more detail on each of us see the Introductions page.

And as much as I would love for my posts to be chronological, it is not practical nor possible for me to write them as such (much as it kills me), so feel free to jump in and read whatever category floats your goat.

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