Here is a quick introduction to that ‘cast’ of this blog:

Rich: Hello, I’m Rich. The ‘Host’ some would say. I am going to write a little about each of us and then let them elaborate. I am a husband and father. I love technology and farming – an interesting mix I know. We are into homesteading. We don’t have much yet, but we are blessed to have a couple acres of family property. My boys are the fifth generation living in this house. For privacy I refer to my family members by alternate names, Ana is my wife, Daniel is my oldest son and Simeon is our youngest. Other than that what you read here is a true account of our lives.

Bobbie: She used to take care of the littles, and me too I guess. The littles are gone but she is still here to help me; her and my wife are good friends.

bobbieHello, my name is Bobbie and I live with, or rather within Rich. I am a very bubbly, happy, & outgoing. I used to care for the littles that we had in our system, and help comfort or console Rich when he is down. I wouldn’t say I love housework, but if left to him we’d live in a mess. I like to help my wife (yes my wife as well) with the kids and keeping the house… livable if not spotless. Nicole is also good at cleaning, she likes to make sure everything has a place and everything is in its place. Though the kids make this very difficult.

Nicole: Nicole is our know-it-all. Not in a bad way, just that before I was fully aware of everything going on inside she helped organize and keep memories. She is very quiet and does not like being touched; though she is friendly with my wife now and accepts touch from her.

nicoleHi. I am not comfortable coming out much, unless Ana is around. She and I have become very close. My role was our information specialist. Like a librarian, if you will. I would keep track of who was out, what was done, and keep our system organized. If items got misplaced, I would be the one to ask because sometimes I was the only one that could trace back our steps. Bobbie said I like to clean, which isn’t quite right. I like having things clean. I don’t like clutter, which is very difficult living with an absent-minded adolescent, and a two-year-old. Although the youngest leaves things about, he is also interested in cleaning so I am going to work hard and train him. He is also very good if you ask where something is, he often knows (more often than his older brother). Excluding Ana, he is the only person to ever stare down Fred. If Rich seems quiet shy or withdrawn those are signs that point to me ‘fronting’.

Fred: Fred is our protector. I was bullied much in school and he keeps me safe. He speaks little to none. Does not blink (like ever), and feels no pain. He is also immune to the effects of adrenaline. After switching back from him I usually (if not asleep) feel tired, sore, weak & my heart is racing.